The first chapter of my life

So i figured I would start from the beginning. I was raised in a christian family in South Bronx New York. I was raised with five siblings in a struggling household that could barely get by. My dad was an inner city truck driver and my mom worked from home as a seamstress.

I remember, as kid, asking my mom one Christmas eve, “how come all of my friends from school get to have gifts and a Christmas tree and we don’t?”, her response was sweet but firm. “Your friends happen to grow up in a rich family and we don’t.” That was the end of that conversation and I got the feeling that I should probably not push the issue.

But throughout the years I would always hear things from my parents and older siblings. Things like, “we can’t afford that”, or we don’t have money for this”, or “money is the root of all evil”. Every time I heard these things I would think hard about what they really meant. I remember wondering to myself, “if money is the root of all evil, then how come my wealthy friends come from such nice people? They don’t seem so evil.”

The more I would hear these sayings, the more I refused to believe they were true. I refused to settle for less. I purposed in my heart that I wouldn’t live this way when I grew up, that I was going to find a way to afford the things I want and need.

I was blessed because that one dream of mine to live a better life, kept me from much of the danger of growing up around the streets of New York. There was plenty around me that could destroy this dream of mine and I had to be careful to always think of the future consequences of my present actions.

But I didn’t always dodge trouble in my life. There was a little learning the hard way that had to be done, and I’m just glad that I’m here today with a degree in mechanical engineering and a beautiful family. But it’s only by God’s wonderful grace.

In my up and coming blog posts I’ll be writing about some of the hard knocksĀ  did have to go through in my journey for a better life. It wasn’t always just peaches.


P.S. If you haven’t read my About Page you should go there now to get an idea of who I am. :-)… Enjoy!



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